Interview with Lucas

I’m fortunate to have in my writing studio this evening Lucas, the male lead from my debut novel, UndyingA Paranormal Romance. Lucas has graciously consented to an interview to help promote the book.

Thanks for joining us.

I’m pleased to be here.

How is it that you are both a Warlock and a Vampire? What accounts for this dual nature?

It is indeed true that I’m both a Vampire and a Warlock. I became a Vampire first, some 643 years ago when I was 24 years old. Only later was I inducted into the ranks of Warlocks. My status as a Warlock gives me access to a large array of powers that I can draw on through the use of sorcery that are not normally available to Vampires.

Yes, you have a certain fondness for explosions, which you seem able to conjure up with your sorcery at will.

I should say that these ‘explosions’ are not real. They are only sound. Sound designed to throw our opponents off guard during chase scenes or during action scenes.

There are quite a lot of action scenes involving you and Vena. In them, you’re this swashbuckling character who swoops in at unexpected moments to do battle with various Paranormals…

Vena is also ‘swashbuckling’ and proves herself quite handy with a sword in several scenes. For me, these are among the strongest parts of the story and go far to cement the relationship with my co-star.

The relationship with Vena, though, is sometimes strained. At one point, in fact, you come in for some harsh criticisms from her. Here is the scene (edited to remove spoilers):

Vena: You’re too… you’re too good.

Lucas: You think I’m not wicked?

Vena: The only thing wicked about you, Lord Witcher, is your sense of humor.

Lucas: What could be more wicked than that?

Yes, I seem to have gotten a ‘bad rap’ on this score. But I can assure you that I’m as wicked as any Vampire. If there is a diminution of wickedness in my character, it is due only to the strange effect that Vena has on me.

Would you say that effect accounts for the whirlwind romance that results?

(Laughs.) If we do have a whirlwind romance, it’s because Vena is a whirlwind!

Did you find working with her a challenge?

Working with Vena on the novel was sheer pleasure. She was delightful in every respect, and I look forward to working with her again in the books that follow.

Thank you for spending time with us, Lucas.

Happy to do it!